An Ideal Education System Should Generate Talented Citizens

Education and school programs are often object to serious changes, mostly during the latest years. Apparently, the goal is thought to be oriented to the creation of a more efficient educational baggage for all students, from primary/elementary schools upwards to university/college institutions.

On the plates of the balance there is the future of the world on a side and the dangers from lack of education on the other side. It’s proven that poor countries where education is still a matter of financial wealth for students’ families are slower in growth and have to face immensely big difficulties.

School & Education Goals

School programs are normally created to meet the educational demand of millions of children and kids. Privately owned and managed school programs can slightly differ from nationwide public ones, in order to meet the expectations of specific children they have in their structure (for example, dyslexic children).

But generally, a remake of the school programs should never miss certain elements:

  • Basic math and statistics skills
  • Good writing and reading native language skills
  • Capability to socialize with other people
  • Overall knowledge of history and geography
  • Additional school subjects will be welcomed as well

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The goal of public education is not really to give the future society a pool of geniuses, because certain skills are individually given by nature. A more realistic goal would be to form new citizens who have a complete vision of past and present times and who can use knowledge in a conscious way.

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