Enlightenment for Uneducated and Games for the Stressed

ED-RED "The Voice of Suburban Schools", is an advocacy organization that monitors and actively influences education policy at the Illinois Statehouse, particularly issues that are priorities for our member school districts. In this short article, we will throw a glance at how education influences society at large – but also gambling!

Good Schools Make Good Citizens

Right since the ancient times, quality of life, values at social and individual levels, spiritual and material progress have been direct products of education. In ancient times, education was very intimately connected to religion and the social values of the day. But, during the recent centuries, the scope of education has increased enormously.

Education equips learners of all ages with the skills and values needed to be responsible global citizens, such as respect for human rights, gender equality and environmental sustainability. Investing in and strengthening a country's education sector is key to the development of any country and its people.Education can provide a lot of new opportunities for stellar students

Can Gambling Ever Be Redeemed?

Gambling addictions can lead to serious effects, including loss of jobs, failed relationships and severe debt. Gambling addictions are often associated with mental health problems, including depression, mood disorders and anti-social personality disorders. Problem and Pathological Gamblers are between 3 and 4 times more likely to be arrested and/or spend time in jail as a result of crimes including (but not limited to) domestic violence, child abuse/neglect, theft, fraud. Problem and Pathological gamblers are also 2 to 7 times more likely to use illegal drugs.

However, gambling on its own isn’t a problematic societal issue. Take pokies salons, for example. The benefits are borne out in reports, for example, of increased employment and income, increased tax revenues, enhanced tourism and recreational opportunities, and rising property values. Simply put, pokies salons employ people, pay taxes, bring in revenue.

For local residents, the developments of pokies salons can obviously produce positive benefits on the local economy, particularly increases in employment opportunities and in the levels of job payrolls. As indicated in their studies, Garrett and Vong found that the majority of residents in Macau believe that casino gambling has improved their regional economies

Taxes on gambling revenue are substantial, giving local and state governments a huge bump in available funding. With this contribution, the gambling industry can play a part in improving schools and infrastructure while limiting personal income tax. The economic impact of the gambling industry can’t be overstated, and pokies salons will probably chip in their part of the revenue to further the cause of societal improvement.

Those who are regulars at casinos unanimously state that whenever they set foot in the premises, they forget all their problems. Being a habitué in a casino does not necessarily go hand in hand with spending a lot of time and money; the aim is just to calm down after an exhausting working day.

What's also missing is that many millennials don't play slots; they play video games. Bally Technologies CEO Richard Haddrill said regulators are reluctant to allow machines to incorporate skills-based gaming like you see in video games into slots, other than poker.

Rememeber, you don't need to go to a casino to enjoy a relaxing evening. Play pokies for real money – it is a perfect way to unwind without getting sidetracked by all the sounds and lights of a full-blown casino.

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