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Mission Statement

A united voice advocating for the diverse needs of suburban schools

Vision Statement

To be a premier education policy resource for Illinois legislators and ED-RED membership

Belief Statements

We Believe:

1. In a comprehensive education system supporting life-long learning.

2. It is the responsibility of public education to support all aspects of student learning.

3. A local school district must have the ability to make educational and fiscal decisions appropriate for its
school community.

4. The State must provide adequate financial support for all public schools.

•    Funding for public schools must be stable, reliable, and predictable

•     The state must fully fund the additional costs for programs that support special education and at-risk students.

•     All state mandates should be fully funded.

Strategic Goals

1. To research, develop, and initiate legislation advantageous to member districts.

2. To actively advocate for or against legislation affecting member districts.

3. To engage school board members and school administrators in the legislative process.

4. To communicate proactively with member districts.

5. To develop and nurture collaborative relationships with state agencies, advocacy groups, state legislators

and legislative staff, and other organizations to accomplish mutual objectives.