2022-2023 Legislative Initiatives

ED-RED 2022-2023 Legislative Initiatives

Our legislative initiatives are set by our Executive Board and team each year. The initiatives reflect the work being done in our districts and by our Ad Hoc Committees. This year we have determined the following four initiatives to be worked on during this legislative session with our local ED-RED Legislators.

New Student Arrivals Grant: HB2822/HB3991 (Crespo)

Creates a New Arrival Student Grant Program which would provide school districts with the funds to support the needs of immigrant students, regardless of immigrant status.

Appropriates $35 million from the General Revenue Fund to the Illinois State Board of Education for the New Arrival Student Grant Program.   

Student Protections in Dismissal Hearings: HB3592 (Mussman)

Requires hearing officers to provide reasonable accommodations for all students or persons under the age of 18 testifying at a teacher dismissal hearing to protect them from being intimidated, traumatized, or retraumatized.

PD/Mandated Training Reform: HB3690 (Mussman)

Reforms and improves the process by which educators complete mandated training and professional development requirements by:

Remediation Data Sharing Agreement: SB2240 (Johnson)

Requires Community Colleges to provide their member high schools with timely and accurate student remediation data.