2020-2021 ED-RED Ad Hoc Committees


Drafted Guiding Principles of the Equity Ad Hoc Subcommittees

In light of recent events, ED-RED has created an Equity Ad Hoc Committee which will consist of school board members and administrators to discuss the work, both past and future, that ED-RED districts are doing to close the equity gap. The goal of this committee is to use this work to determine ED-RED’s role in the conversation and to develop policy standards for future legislative negotiations.

The Equity Ad Hoc committee will also focus on discussing past legislative proposals that we expect to be reintroduced this legislative session. We would like to revisit these legislative proposals and discuss ED-RED’s recommendations for moving these issues forward, as well as addressing outstanding concerns with the legislation. Additionally, in the event that this Ad Hoc Committee identifies new legislative initiatives that would address the equity gap in Illinois, we would like to present those initiatives to the ED-RED Executive Board this fall to determine whether a legislative sponsor should be identified and whether ED-RED should work to advance such legislative initiatives.


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We first started this conversation as a member initiative for Veto session and through conversation with members, we discovered the need for a more robust conversation on the topic. This committee will work to provide feedback to better understand how best to address the issue and provide districts with the flexibility to offer their students more opportunities. We have identified some of the barriers as districts transporting students be it to and from school, to off-site spaces for internships or college coursework, etc. Last spring, ED-RED tried to legislatively address one of those areas through legislation during session but, due to COVID, the bill did not move. While we do have momentum and legislative support for a Veto session fix to hopefully get some flexibility when it comes to transporting kids to and from school, there are still more areas that need to be discussed.

Practitioner Legislative Action Team (PLAT)

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The PLAT Ad Hoc Committee consists of ED-RED administrators and school board members who serve as a “go-to” for last-minute legislative issues.  Membership includes school board members, school business officials, superintendents, and curriculum directors who work to inform the ED-RED team of the potential impact of legislation that is moving quickly. 

Finance Ad Hoc Committee

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Approved Guiding Principles for each of the Ad Hoc Committees coming soon!