Asking your community for funding at the ballot box.

Strategies & methods that superintendents can use to improve the odds of success both before and after their boards send them down the path of having to ask voters for money.

Paul Fallon — is a public opinion researcher, political pollster and advisor for corporations, levy committees, interest groups, political action committees and public organizations. He conducts customer, member, contributor, school parent and citizen satisfaction studies for government agencies, library systems, industry and labor groups, and private companies. He also has worked for teachers’ unions, universities and education policy groups.

Among his areas of specialization, Paul works extensively on public funding issues that require voter approval, and the fields of transportation and public transit. His company specializes in telephone surveys, secure SMS/text digital surveys and online & in-person focus group testing, but also performs other forms of data-gathering.

Before starting Fallon Research & Communications, Inc. as an opinion research consulting firm, Paul completed a 3-year stint as the director of public opinion research for a national trade association in Washington, D.C. He was responsible for opinion research and political polling for a highly successful ballot issue management program that resulted in numerous successes in campaigns at the state, county and local levels. He previously served as director of public opinion research for a statewide political party. He holds a BS in Communication from Ohio University, an MA in Political Science from the University of Cincinnati and completed certification as a methodologist at the Institute for Data Sciences. His training includes areas of advanced opinion research, analysis and qualitative methods, as well as focus group moderator training at the Burke Institute.

Although based in Florida and Ohio, the company has worked in 40 different U.S. states and 5 foreign countries, and also performs specialty services, such as ad testing and Spanish language interviewing. He also has an extensive client base in Illinois, including school systems, trade associations and interest groups.

Among his many hobbies and pastimes, his favorites are traveling, running, climbing and attending rock concerts. Paul can be reached at 614-341-7005 or